• One of the first university-based platforms for yacht training.
  • HOMEPORT Academy’s teachers are professional and enthusiastic and have many years of real yachting experience.
  • The curriculum will be taught in English with Russian translation, using a special method developed by HOMEPORT.
  • The courses are specially designed to set students on a professional career path in the yachting industry.

Introduction to The Yachting World (Level 1)

The aim of this course is to give students an in-deep introduction to the yachting and pleasure craft industry.

14,500 Rub

Superyachts World (Level 2)

The world of superyachts is one of the most interesting fields in the marine industry. A superyacht is large yacht in which the owner is not responsible for safety. In the last 30 years the mega yacht, has come to serve as a status symbol for the wealthy. It is a floating boutique hotel or chateau, one that can either be moved across the globe or can stay in one marina as a floating luxury home.

18,500 Rub

Superyacht Steward/ess Training

HOMEPORT Academy’s Superyacht Steward/ess Training Course is specifically designed to set students on their way to becoming professional Steward/esses. The course is geared for students who haven't worked in a professional yacht hospitality capacity before.
Our top graduates will receive their first contract with a three-month internship period (with basic salary).

37,500 Rub

Yacht Finance Management

This course will teach students the essential elements of yacht finance management on a day-to-day basis. This course will allow students to expand their knowledge of the Superyacht industry in all that pertains to yacht finance management, enabling them to execute their tasks optimally and efficiently.
The students will undergo practical, hands-on training that will draw on the finances of real yachts. The students will be trained to use the most contemporary and popular technologies and filing software used in the industry.

27,500 Rub