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Are you tired of searching for highly-qualified crew members? Are you weary of constant turnover and changing staff?
Do you dream of being surrounded by professional and enthusiastic employees?
Do you want avoid wasting your time reading hundreds of CV and reviewing recommendations that were written by previous employers?
Or do you urgently need either a temporary or a permanent replacement on your staff?

HOMEPORT Academy - the key to your success!

  • HOMEPORT ACADEMY is a unique yachting academy, whose graduates have been trained on board yachts in the Mediterranean.
  • HOMEPORT ACADEMY focuses on the practical side of the job, and doesn’t make do with merely providing theoretical training. That allows our graduates to acquire practical knowledge that will facilitate their swift and professional integration into the staff on your Yacht / Cruise ship.
  • HOMEPORT Academy rigorously reviews and test its candidates’ knowledge, meticulously reads the letters of recommendations that they received from past yacht owners/ captains, and tests their proficiency in English.
  • HOMEPORT Academy’s employment service includes an "After Placement Service," providing support to the captain/owner during the period of its graduates’ adjustment and integration as crew members. In the context of this service we guarantee to replace an employee within three months’ time in the event that he or she fails to complete the initial probation period.
  • HOMEPORT Academy’s services can meet all your current employment needs.

Our mission is to find highly professional and cost-effective yacht teams that meet all the standards and wishes of owners and captains!

For a limited time only, you have the unique opportunity to become acquainted with our service and to receive your first employee for free, with no placement service fee! * Applies only to the first 50 registrants or until 01/04/2019.

Fill out an application, and our yacht crew placement professional will contact you shortly.

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