For candidates

Do you want travel to be a part of your job?
Is it your dream to have an interesting and well-paid job?
Is your goal either to acquire a profession for the future or find a good part-time summer job that you can do while you complete your university studies?
Have you ever dreamt of becoming part of the yachting industry or do you want to upgrade your professional qualifications and join the elite group of Mega Yacht crew members?

Any man of woman in good health who is 18 or older can become part of the yachting industry and get their first professional experience in just three months!

A professional career on a Superyacht can become a dream-come-true if:

  • You are very active and just hate the drudgery of routine.
  • You’re sure office work isn’t for you.
  • You dream of seeing the world from on board a Mega Yacht.
  • You like to meet new people and easily understand their needs.
  • You meet challenges every day with a smile.
  • You have a good command of English.

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